We Are Not Troubled Guests

The Gift of Your Existential Crisis

This show is about that moment when pain confronts your idealism. Our pain can be many things - tragedy, loss, brokenness. Mine was severe depression brought about by burnout. In that time, what I thought my beliefs were supposed to do for me failed… and I found myself wrestling with the fact that maybe faith as I knew it was over. That is a very frightening space to be in. More than that, I discovered something even more frightening than the loss of religion in my life… the loss of community.

But takes a certain amount of darkness to see the light.

Through a mix of video, speaking, painting, and a bit of karaoke, I explore many different stages of this journey -   humor, anger, pain, despair, helplessness, confession, acceptance - all of which led me to a very transformational and transcendent experience… which changed the way I see the entire human race and my place in it.

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